Confinati dal Paradiso

By Marco Augusto Chenevier
Marco Augusto Chenevier / Production 2020 / Cie Les 3 Plumes

choreography/creation: Marco Augusto Chenevier
dancers: Marco Augusto Chenevier, Théo Pendle, Alessia Pinto, Elena Pisu
production: TiDA and Cie Les 3 Plumes with the support of the Aosta Valley Region
with the support of: Torino Danza within the project “Corpo Links Cluster”, supported by the cooperation programme PC INTERREG V A - Italy-France (ALCOTRA 2014-2020)
residency supports: Centro di Residenza della Toscana Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt – Sharing&Moving International Residencies a cura di Mosaico Danza in partnership con Torinodanza Festival/Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale e il Centro Coreografico El Graner di Barcellona (ES) – Lavanderia a Vapore (PdV) – Comune di Arvier – Teatro della Cittadella dei Giovani di Aosta
dramarturgy: Marco Augusto Chenevier, Enrico Pastore
scene: Michel Favre
costumes: Sandrine Philippe
recorded voice: Adriana Rinaldi
photographer: Andrea Macchia

length 70 min

Anno Domini 2020 – Italy – Europe
Reading Dante's Divine Comedy and dreaming, eyes shut , of a ski descent on an immaculate and steep slope.

We are in a bubble and we cannot get out of it.
Reaching Heaven is not possible.
Every action, every desire, every habit, must change, everything must change.
The world changes, people change: we cannot get close to each other, we have to stop the usual occupations and the rhythms change.
All this to protect us from the virus that seemed far away, but very quickly reached every corner of the planet, questioning the certainties, the ways of life and the organization of the whole society.
There are no effective remedies, not yet. There is no cure.

Confinati dal Paradiso, was born during lockdown, speaks of distancing, of the sense of loneliness, and of the impossibility of reaching Heaven and ecstasy.
Every attempt is continually disappointed, every effort is in vain. The reality we have is Purgatory, where everyone is alone. There cannot be sharing, no contact, no joy.
The initial idea of working on Paradise is aborted in this sick time.
The cube closes more and more, and imprisons us, separates us from the others and from the world. But the world continues to exist, continues to live, without us. The voiceover describes it in details, observes it from distance.
In the succession of the scenes, the contradiction between will and reality appears, and it is very clear that only by listening and looking with pure eyes, it will be possible to strive again for Paradise, which however will never be the same again: “non è sanza cagion l’andare al cupo” ("it is not without reason to go towards the dark”) recalls Virgilio.

Confinati dal Paradiso was conceived as an uncompleted unfinished and unfinishable piece, born in the suspension and which makes its poetics of suspension, a starting point towards Paradise, whose focus will want to be sharing, and contact: when all this will be achievable again.

Paolo Bogo – La Guida di Cuneo – Visto con voi – 12 novembre 2020
“[…] The action of the 4 performers moves between Dante's suggestions and reflections on lockdown, entrusted to the voiceover of Adriana Rinaldi, a massive and sensational use of the apocalyptic post-rock of the Canadians Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and an editable scenography made up of stairs, a cube with metal edges and transparent walls […] in the name of the sense of distance, solitude, and the impossibility of overcoming obstacles; the most engaging moments are the solos of the performers, Theo Pendle's reptilian crawling, Elena Pisu's restrained but breathtaking frenzy, Alessia Pinto's cheerful but disturbing forms and Chenevier's paradoxical and impressive Dionysian dance without ecstasy, dressed in a red costume that melts leaving a bloody mush in which he contorts his naked body. A purgatory in which we are once again relegated.”