Bach sonate e danzate

By Marco Augusto Chenevier
Marco Augusto Chenevier / Production 2018-2019 / Cie Les 3 Plumes

by & with: Marco Augusto Chenevier (dancer) and Serena Costenaro (cello)
mentoring: Christina Towle
production: Cie Les 3 Plumes with the support of the Aosta Valley Region
residency supports: Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), a bénéficié de la mise à disposition de studio au CND – Centre national de la danse, Comune d’Arvier (AO/IT)
with the support of: Le Regard du Cygne
photographers: Albert Panzani, Ewa Gleisner & Elvio Caria

length 45 min

From the entire work for cello solo, we have selected all the preludes and one dance for each suite.

The six dances and the six preludes cross the entire composition, restoring its complexity, even if only partially. Each suite is characterized by a colour, a particular and often contradictory feeling: the preludes especially highlight these six souls.

Each musical composition determines a movement composition resulting from the relationship between movement vectors and musical notes. The dancer's body is gradually involved in a partition from the inside to the outside.

The show is a concert where the music becomes physical and the body is transformed into a musical instrument, abstract, a-hierarchical. The movement research, based on different principles for each composition, wants to bring on stage an available body, which can become an instrument for creating pure movement in rhythmic relation with music.

"Bach sonate e danzate" is a physical and meditation in movement, which wants to disconnect rationality during the time of a concert.