Bach à la carte!

by Marco Augusto Chenevier and Alessia Pinto
Production 2023 / Cie Les 3 Plumes

with: Marco Augusto Chenevier (dance), Nitsan Margaliot (dance), Alessia Pinto (dance), Serena Costenaro (cello), PYUR Sophie Schnell (électronicien music), Monica Bosso/Marco Santambrogio (lights)
choreography and dramaturgy: Marco Augusto Chenevier
choreographic assistant: Alessia Pinto
musics: J. S. Bach and Pyur Sophie Schnell
stage and light design: Monica Bosso
production: Cie Les 3 Plumes and the support of Aosta Valley Region
Coproduction: CCN Hauts-de-France - Ballet du Nord de Roubaix, Performing Lands_Ass.culturale IdeAgorà/ Mirabilia Festival Europeo
Support in residency: Compagnia TPO -Teatro Fabbrichino - Prato, Fabbrica Europa PARC Florence with the participation of institut Français de Culture of Florence

lenght: between 60 and 90 min depending on the audience's choices

Bach à la carte! it is a concert, a dance show, a theater show, a democratic exercise.

Will a cellist and an electronic musician, on stage with the three dancers and a technician, be the cooks, or the ingredients of a menu to compose? Will the spectators be diners or will they find themselves in the role of cooks?
Who decides? Who chooses? And with what parameters?
Questions on the agenda in an artistic creation. Questions that, perhaps, could also be applied in other fields.

In the line of research that Chenevier has been following for over 10 years, «Bach à la carte!» is part of the reflection begun with «Quintetto» on the posture of citizens in the artistic experience.
What if the citizens/spectators/members of the public, instead of remaining confined to the posture of passive observers, can influence the dramaturgy, the direction, the composition of the scenes?
What happens if that relationship of power, between stage and spectators, between kings and subjects, is questioned, to reflect on the ancient hierarchies, and to look for new ones?

These power relationships correspond to much more complex power relationships present in everyday reality. The metatheatrical approach wants to analyze this "mirror" that is the theater, to try to playfully reflect on the context in which we live.

This triggers an articulated assembly game: through playful choices (of performers, rhythm, lighting), we find ourselves in the midst of an exercise in democracy. What we will see - beautiful choreographic compositions - will depend on the taste and curiosity of the majority of the audience.

Sabrina Fasanella – TeC 2023

(...) Towards the end, the audience gets excited: to compose the layers of the cake that will conclude the dinner, unanimity is needed in the choice of yellow, red, or green cards, but especially to decide whether the performers have more or less "skin" (and thus decide whether they dance dressed, half-naked, or naked), it will require broad convergences. Here is the third theme: in addition to food and artistic performance, here we think about politics. Referendums. Majorities. (...), Bach à la carte finds a real connection with the audience, and in these times of "codesign," of participatory art often touted but not implemented, it is not insignificant, it seems to me.

Simone Pacini – Fatti di Teatro 2023