One breath

With "One breath" the first operation I intend to do is to take the device out of conventional space, with a view to re-appropriating the urban space.

Furthermore, I respond to a desire to react to the virtualization process of artistic practices, rediscovering a space of simplicity and essence: bodies, space. This is to regain autonomy and freedom, free from any technical device and other supports.

Finally, once again I would like to focus on the completely different relationships that are created with a “surprised” and out of context audience, who can enjoy an unexpected performance in an unconventional space.

All this by exploiting a system of improvisation resulting from 15 years of practice, mixing the pedagogical principles of Jacques Lecoq, of the theatrical choir, of contact improvisation with practices of instantaneous composition.

The project is divided into:

1. the performances

2. the laboratory

3. research residences

1.The performances can be itinerant, walks with more or less short forays, or permanent ones, in places. They can be repeated several times a day.

They can be made with a cast of three or six professional dancers.

2.The workshop, which can be carried out on the occasion of a residence or in its autonomy, can be aimed at amateurs, professionals or mixed groups.

It can have different durations, from a minimum of a weekend, up to an internship of two weeks or more, articulating the levels of complexity according to the number of hours and duration.

The laboratory can also be involved in the realization of the performances described above.

3. To develop the improvisational system and refine the relationship to architecture, it is our intention to find spaces for research, practice and experimentation. Depending on the spaces and the supports, let's imagine working alternately with the cast of three or six performers.

Performances are possible on the occasion of a residency and, of course, a workshop is conceivable.

The solo takes us back to the individual, the duet to the relationship, from the trio onwards, something changes. It changes because one leaves the binary relationship, and by multiplying the possibilities and combinations, the whole of humanity resonates from many points of view.