Cie Les 3 Plumes

Chenuil / Jouglet

directed by: Jean-Pierre Jouglet

with: Claudine Chenuil

music and songs: Alberto Visconti

N the wood of my heart

two voices encounter around Georges Brassens, between Alberto Visconti and Claudine Chenuil

an actress, Claudine Chenuil, offer you their personal interpretation of the works of one of the most popular artist in France, who knew how to touch, interest, move, to inspire several generations of audiences from all walks of life and of all ages, also to offer them, with his humor, his tempo, so many moments of joy, and an irresistible desire to sing.

The two performers will evoke the man and the artist, his poet friends, and will play a few rhymes in Italian.

The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one we share

(G. Brassens)

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Les malheurs de Lulu le vieux loup voyageur

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Et le magicien créa son monde

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L’enfant qui dessinait des chats

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Le cercle magique

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Cloruro di Odio

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Jean-Pierre Jouglet:
065 57 87 98 43

Claudine Chenuil:
065 57 87 98 43